Word of Life Snow Camps

Hello Everyone! Our first month in Sherbrooke is almost over. We are still getting used to the cold, cold weather. Lately it has been 15-20 BELOW zero, which makes “playing” outside a little interesting! Micah usually plays in 15 minute increments. Yesterday (Sat.) we went to our school’s campus to see one of Word of Life’s Winter camps in action. Believe it or not, these teenagers were having a “Polar Bear” dunking contest. Yes, outside in bathing suits jumping into a tank full of tap water. Crazy! We watched them play hockey and we even went tubing down a snow covered hill. Micah loved it! I’ve never seen his face so red.

French study is going well. Daniel and I both are happy with our grades. The competition is always fun:) On the next blog, I’ll include some class pictures and talk about our daily routine.
We appreciate all your prayers and cards. It’s always nice to actually receive something in our mailbox!

Here’s our new contact info:
2018 Rue Des Grands-Monts #208
Sherbrooke, QC
J1H 3Z7
(819) 565-9200

In His Grip,
Daniel, Stephanie, and Micah Dias