April in Quebec

We have been busy these last few months with school and family visits. Micah enjoyed not only seeing his family…but the candy they brought as well. Let’s just say, he’s still “savoring” their visit! Seriously, seeing Stephanie’s family helped quench our homesickness a little.

Our class has taken a few field trips since our last update and we thought you might be interested in seeing some pics. We went to the “Glass Hotel” in Quebec City, to an authentic French restaurant, and to a “Sugar Shack” to learn about the maple syrup process. The last one was our favorite. We got to eat the hot syrup off of a trough full of snow. Daniel ate so much he got a headache! Micah was a little unsure at first, but it only took one lick and he was hooked! Thank you all for your prayers and letters. We appreciate your support and encouragement!