Less than a week left!

What a crazy weekend! We’ve been almost 1,000 miles this past weekend and we’re very thankful to have our passports and visas in hand! We visited a lovely church this past Sunday in West Virginia and stopped at the state’s capital, Charleston. It was beautiful! We had to stop on the side of the road one time so I could nurse Elijah and look at what exit we “happened” to stop at…Guinea Station! HA!

We also are very thankful to have been able to get Micah’s teeth fixed before leaving! That’s a big burden lifted! So now, it’s back to packing. We’re almost finished…just a few last minute things to pack. We’re looking forward to spending these last couple of nights just hanging out with family. This is a picture of Micah at El Vaquero, celebrating Grandpa’s birthday:) We leave next Monday for Atlanta where we’ll fly out on Tuesday night around 9 pm. Thanks for all the prayers!