Elijah Playing Balafon

We’ve been taking balafon lessons (African wooden piano) three days a week. It’s really fun! It’s also a lot more complicated than I had imagined. The keys are made out of wood and they are tuned by length. There are different sized gourds underneath which determine the volume of sound each key will put out. The sticks you play with are made out of wood with rubber/tar ends. Elijah LOVES it! We can hardly practice with him around. Listen….

Elijah finds "Wow-Wow"

We’ve been teaching Elijah the word for “doggy” in Portuguese….well, at least the word that kids use. “Wow-Wow”…they use this word because it’s easier to say than the real word, “Cachorro”…and it’s also the sound the dog makes…at least in Brasil. HA!

Anyway…Micah has a stuffed dog animal…actually it’s for neck support on flights..but Micah sleeps with it. Elijah loves it! I was able to film Elijah as he remembers that the dog is on Micah’s bed and goes on mission to find it and kiss it all over! He’s too cute!