Dias Move to Conakry!

Here is Hope Chapel ( a Nigerian mission churchplant), the church that is “adopting” us in Conakry. We will be temporarily staying in their missionary guesthouse (top right of bottom picture) until we find a house. They have a great compound. They have neighborhood kids who come in the afternoons to play basketball, volleyball, and soccer. They also have a library open to the public. The Sunday school classes are behind the court in the pic to the left.

Here is the the church sanctuary on the left. On the right is the Kolie family, our hosts. She is from Ivory Coast and he is from Guinea. They were missionaries for a short time and long to return to the field. Right now they are helping the church, on staff as missionaries. Pray for us as we get to know each other. We are looking forward to “city” life and all that entails. Pray for us as we adjust, yet again, to new surroundings. We’re praying we’ll have a house within the next 2 weeks!