Micah, the photographer, taking pictures of himself at the restaurant, The Riviera. Marcus took us out! Yummy!

Here are the kids with a friend from some Liberia. His name is Dauda and Daniel is trying to start a Bible study with him. He said he’s gone back and forth between Islam and Christianity…and isn’t sure what is right.

Micah chasing pigeons….lovin’ the kid life!

Hello! My name is SPUNKY! I’m the Dias’ new doggy. I like to jump on Elijah because he is my size. I like to sleep during the day, but Elijah doesn’t let me. I’m much bigger now since this picture was taken last month. Now I bark loudly at night and love to eat 3 bowls of rice and meat a day. I love my new family!

I love my Tio Marcus! He came to visit me Brasil. He brought me lots of yummy food like Pao de Queijo! (Brasilian cheese bread) He brought delicious chocolate too! I miss my family in Brasil. Hopefully we’ll see them for Christmas!