Looking back…

As we’ve been visiting churches and connecting with new people, several folks have asked about how our journey began.  Well, my smart husband figured out how to import my old blog into our new website!  So, when you have time, sit down with a cup o’coffee and take a trip down memory lane with us.

Got your seat belts on?  Start off in Quebec, where our journey began in 2007. We studied French in Sherbrooke and got a taste of REAL cold weather.  Then fly with us to Guinea where we got our first taste of Africa in 2008.  God really grew us and confirmed that He who called us would equip us for the task.  Then hop up north to the sandy beaches of Dakar, Senegal where we got a taste of what they call “The Paris of West Africa”.  We took on an interim role with our mission and went on a people group survey trip that led us to….Burkina Faso in 2013.  And that’s where we plan to stay and plant some roots!

Unfortunately we couldn’t find a way to transfer our videos.  So, none of the video links will work 😦  But, the posts are there…full of memories and handprints of God’s faithfulness.