Cars and Conferences

As some of you know, our car in Africa is on its last leg.  We just put about $400 more into it and now it appears the AC is having trouble.  Having AC in such a hot, dusty place is more of a necessity than it is a luxury!  The main issue with our SUV though is that the body is rusting away.  It leaks and gets moldy on the inside during rainy season and we’re afraid to carry supplies on top due to the rust.


Old rusty getting loaded down with propane to         take to the village

Our mission recently advertised that they are selling a Nissan truck (9 years younger than ours with only 40,000 miles).  We put our name out there as “interested if no one else wants it” because at the price they’re selling it at, it might as well be a gift!  We got the email yesterday that it’s ours if we have the money.  We are trusting God to bring in the funds ($8,500) to purchase this car by June.

Also, our mission with be holding a West African field conference at the end of June and we would like to attend.  We’ve estimated that it would cost our family about $2,200.  This would include gas to drive to Senegal from Burkina, obtaining necessary visas for travel, and for guesthouse/hotel stay.  This would not include food.  The funds for this trip will also need to be collected by June.  You can find out more about our conference by clicking on the link below.

NTM brochure 2015

If you feel led to give towards one of these needs you may do so online at .  Just designate what you’re giving towards.  Or you may send a check to New Tribes Mission 1000 E. First St. Sanford, FL  32771  Make sure you put our name and what you’re giving towards on the memo section of the check.

We appreciate your partnership!  We realize that without you, the Bolon people would not have an opportunity to hear the message of the Gospel in their heart language.  Thank you for being part of our team!