Moving On

Next Friday we fly to Dakar, Senegal.  Another move, another language, another culture, another climate.  On the up side, we’ve been living out of 2 suitcases, strategically packed back in the US, so packing this time around won’t be too difficult. Our time here in Brasil (*sp) has been really good in the sense that we’ve had more time to just hang out with friends and family. Rest…not so much. Brasilians are nocturnal creatures.  Most nights begin around 8 pm …10 pm on the weekends.  That’s made for late nights and sleepy faces around the homeschool (dining) table in the mornings.  I’ve tried to accept this new routine of having to sleep in later and start homeschool around 9:30 am.  Acceptance of this reality led to temporary adaptation which I’m looking forward to leaving behind when we board the plane.  I’m ready to get back to “our African routine” 🙂  The relationships that have been strengthened however has made it worth it all though!

All that to say…we still have a month of adapting ahead.  As I mentioned before, we’ll be flying into Dakar, Senegal first for a churchplanting seminar.  Then we’ll be attending a week-long conference with all our missionaries from West Africa in what we’re calling Refresh Africa!  I’m looking forward to that time of encouragement and refocus.

Then we’ll be heading back to Burkina Faso around June 30th.  We’ll be on the road for 3 days, driving about 1,120 miles through 2 borders IN OUR NEW (to us) TRUCK!  That’s right!!  GOD ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS and brought several folks/families along to help pay for the 2008 Nissan Frontier that our mission was selling.  We are SO thankful for this blessing and the peace of mind that it will bring our family over the years to come.  And as a result, we were able to bless someone else with our older car who was completely reliant on unreliable public transportation.

Rejoice along with us for God’s provision!

with Bisavó 2015    Visiting with Daniel’s Grandma one, last time 🙂

(*sp) Brazilians spell Brazil/Brazilians with an “s” instead of a “z”.