Let the little children come !

So we’ve been back in the village for a little over a month now and we’ve settled back into a routine.  We homeschool in the mornings and we study the Jula language in the afternoons.  The rains have been coming more regularly which makes the weeds grow which in turn keeps folks busy in their fields.  Recently, however, we had a neat interruption to our normal schedule.

We had the opportunity to participate in Kids Camp again this past week in town. There was a French mission team that came over to help as well.  We were very encouraged to get to know several of them.   We were all blown away and frankly, unprepared by the turnout.  I did a craft time with the kids and we colored a page from the Bible story in Mark about when Jesus blessed the children.  (Thank you churches for sending craft supplies!) Silly me…I thought I’d need to run off about 100 copies.  After a second trip for more copies, we gave up after counting 215 little heads. I’m still not sure everyone got to color!


This used tent travelled al the way from Oklahoma!


I even learned a new game!


Will you pray that the seeds that were planted in this little hearts would grow and bear much fruit one day?  Pray that those kids who may never step foot inside a church would recall the Bible stories they heard.  Pray that they would remember that when they feel like no one else loves them, Jesus does and He has a plan for their lives!


Proud of her work!