MK Kids Camp


Let’s just say that it was a long trip out to the eastern side of Burkina Faso.  It was a total of 19 hours from our village to the missionaries’ village where the camp was held.  We split the trip up over 3 days to make life a little more bearable 😉  Does anyone have any ideas on how to teach our boys to sleep sitting up?

The camp was held on an SIM (Serving in Mission) station in a small village.  SIM has been in this village for over 50 years and have many ongoing ministries with the handicapped, blind, deaf, as well as a hospital that serves the region.  They also have a deep well and piping system that provides water to the whole village, allowing them to teach self-sustaining farming methods.


             Elijah waves to folks down below! (Be still my heart!)


(Special thanks to Barbee Decker for shipping us some awesome Tupperware water bottles!)

They are surrounded by these beautiful cliffs that just call out to you, “Come and see the glory of God!”  The kids had fun hiking and even spent a night up on top.  They told me and adult killed a West African python up there near their tents.  YIKES!  This Momma stayed down at camp and prayed 😉

There were tons of fun creatures to watch and even an amazing Capture the Flag field!  The kids were WORN OUT and us parents too as we supervised tons of activities like the slip n slide, olympics, capture the flag, carnival booths, music, bible time, hiking, ropes course, zip line, etc.  We might need a week’s vacation to recuperate from our “vacation”.

Our boys were troopers!  They participated in everything and spent each night in their own tent or cabin.  It was interesting to see how different their personalities are.  Elijah came and said good morning and hugged us every day.  We rarely saw the other two outside of activity time, ha!  This was one of 4 times a year when all the missionary kids get together.  What a special time of making memories!  We are so grateful to SIM for opening up their compound, homes, and hearts and for all you faithful supporters who made this trip financially possible!  Thank you for investing in our boys!

I thought I’d give you a glimpse of all the fun they had via slideshow.  Enjoy!

Just kidding…couldn’t get the slideshow to work 😦

Micah’s favorite part of camp was the rock climbing.  “Camp was awesome!”

Oh yeah, and there was face painting too!  Makes me happy to see that JJ doesn’t think he’s too “old” for this!

Elijah’s favorite part of camp was the carnival.  “Camp was a fun break from school!”

JJ’s favorite part of camp was camping on the cliffs. “Camp was cool cuz we killed a snake up on the rocks!”

Keep scrolling down.  You’re almost done!


Who said only the kids could have fun?  Look out!


Until next year…