Popcorn Pursuits

After chatting with a few ladies at church, I realized that they were looking to us to help guide them in how to help provide for their families.  This could be something as simple as helping please their husbands by adding a few more healthy ingredients to their sauces. Many would love to be able to send more than one child to school, but can’t afford it.  If a wife has some sort of income, no matter how small, it is a huge burden lifted for her spouse.  So, we started praying and dreaming.  Then we remembered our friends in town…

A missionary family in our supply town were looking for creative ways to help folks start small businesses as a means of providing for their families.  Their two more successful ventures were soap making and popcorn sales.  Jobs are scarce over here, and ones that can support families, even more so.  We asked them if their workers would be willing to train some new folks.  And they said YES!

We brought 3 of our ladies out from the village and invited our old houseworker from town to join as well to learn the the art of making kettle corn!  The missionaries came up with the brilliant idea of using locally made pots and wooden spoons…but altering the lid so the spoon could be put through the lid for stirring.  They taught the ladies how to manage their profits in order to repurchase supplies. (This is the hardest part of business here.)  And they showed them how to bag the popcorn and use a sealer if they have that option.

Would you PRAY for these ladies as they seek to support their families and be a light in their community?  PRAY as we help them get started by taking care of their set up costs.  PRAY they would be faithful stewards and cheerful givers.