An Unexpected Surprise!


As many of you already know thanks to facebook, we’re expecting a new addition to the family sometime towards the end of May/beginning of June!  And NO, it’s not twins.  My Dad told me that several people came up to him asking if we were having twins due to the two photos.  Praise the Lord, NO we’re not.  It was just the way the pictures were printed out.  There are so many things I could tell you…so many questions, what-ifs and unlaid plans.  But we have a Sovereign Father and as a speaker I recently heard said…I trust in His affection for me.  

Due to the fact that I’ve had two miscarriages (one of which ended badly), you are right to assume I was hesitant in announcing this news.  We thought we were done.  So we all prayed and waited until my 12 week ultrasound to see how things were progressing.  God allowed us to be seen by a Christian radiologist…Christian…that’s HUGE!  And after quickly explaining my history, she allowed all three boys to come into the room and watch as we first laid eyes on baby Dias.  She actually exclaimed out loud…PRAISE JESUS!  What?!  I was shocked on so many levels.  But honestly, I knew God did this for us.  We’ve been quite beaten down and discouraged as of late and God knew we needed this verbal hug from him through the voice of his radiologist daughter.  God bless her!

I wish you could’ve have seen our boys.  The way they responded was so different…so, them.  Micah was analyzing the equipment, asking questions about the sounds and images.  Elijah almost cried with relief to see his sibling moving and wiggling around on the screen.  He is my sensitive worrier and his joy was tangible.  JJ, my suspicious doubter, asked the radiologist, “Is the baby really healthy?”  After hearing a definite yes…he began grinning and wanting to know if he was gonna have a sister or a brother.  Sorry little man, too early to know yet.

So, here we are.  We’re wrapping our heads around another baby Dias in the house.  We’re adjusting to the idea of a new timeline of events for this next year.  We’re refocusing our attention on the time we have left in Burkina Faso this term.  We’re trusting God to take care of the details and to give us a healthy baby.  I’m gearing up mentally and physically for the days ahead.  We’d sure appreciate your prayers as we seek to ENJOY this journey!