20 Days and Counting…

I apologize for the silence.  Forgive my pregnancy brain fog.  We’ve been back in the states for 2.5 months and I have no idea where the time has gone.  We’ve been around to visit about 4-5 churches already and God has blessed our time together.  We’ve also tried to get the boys involved in the local homeschool community as well as recreation sports…while trying to keep up with homeschool.  (For those who have been praying…our lost suitcase of mostly homeschool books was never found.)


Micah played soccer this Spring and scored 2 goals!  He’s only 12 but played in a +14 league.



All 3 are trying out Tae Kwon Do and love it.  Gpa is having fun “teaching” them about air compressors as we pump up a flat tire ;

The biggest event (hopefully) happening THIS month (sooner rather than later) will be the arrival of our Joanna Elizabeth.  I’m feeling like a beached whale these days…running on fumes.  My latest ultrasound showed a healthy baby girl that could possibly already be weighing in at 8 lbs.  If that’s accurate, she has the potential of entering the world at 11 lbs.  So, we’re all cheering her on and trying to convince her to come early.  May the Brazilian “tardy” genes NOT play a role in her arrival time 😉


Don’t worry…we will NOT be naming her “Waynetta” (after my Dad Wayne).  This outfit was made by a lovely friend as a joke.  Sorry, Dad!  A ladies’ Bible study from Calvary Church out of Charlotte, NC threw me a beautiful baby shower.  Such sweet women!  Our bedroom has more pink and purple than we’ve ever been around before 😉  God continues to supply our needs, month by month and we are humbled by His goodness.

Thank you all for your prayers and we covet them even more as we prepare to meet Joanna.  Maybe the next update will be all about her! 🙂