Dusty Feet

Dear Praying Friends and Family,

The dust is beginning to settle on our new reality.  We cannot go back to our village for at least one and half to two years.  Our heads are reeling from the abruptness of this change.  But at some point, we have to look ahead.  We have to dust our feet off and move forward. God is not done with our story. 

We have taken up our leadership’s proposal to become Latin American Coordinators for the next one and half to two years while we hope and pray things settle down here in Burkina Faso.  Our heart’s desire is to return and recommence work among the B people.  In the meantime we’ll be based out of Brazil visiting the different training centers in Latin America and encouraging missionaries to head to West Africa!  Here is what our leadership has to say about this interim ministry:

We wanted to let you know about a development in the ministry of Daniel and Stephanie Dias.  As you know, we have been pursuing ministry with the B people in what has become a high risk context.  We have been engaging in our protocols to position ourselves and the Diases to pursue this ministry.  However, their US sending office, for various reasons, has been unable to support this ministry direction.

We as a field leadership team and the Diases themselves remain committed to the ministry of reaching the B people with the Gospel.  However, we recognize that it will take some time for us to position ourselves to be able to do this.  We have asked Daniel and Stephanie to engage in a temporary ministry, to be reevaluated in July 2020, while we seek to sort this out ourselves.

We have asked, and Daniel and Stephanie have accepted, to represent what God is doing in West Africa to our Latin American partners.  Our desire has been to see an increase in the number of Latin American members serving on our team.  Recently we have been receiving requests for information by those who are interested.  We feel the need to have a liaison who would engage in raising awareness about our church planting ministry in West Africa, be involved in recruiting, and facilitate arrival to our field.

We see how God has gifted Daniel and Stephanie to fill this role and we are excited to see how he will use them over the next year and a half!

Please let us know if you have any thoughts on input on this situation.

Serving together for the ministry of the Gospel

Joel McMartin

for the West Africa Field Leadership Team

We are still waiting to hear from Micah’s school about whether or not he can finish out the year in Kenya while we serve in Brazil.  There are other issues like selling our old car and figuring out what to do with the car we’re paying on monthly, selling off our solar batteries so they don’t just sit and ruin, storing our belongings, communicating well with the village and folks here in town, etc. that we’re also dealing with.  All the while, I’m trying to homeschool as much as possible.

As you can imagine, these last few months have taken its toll on us emotionally and spiritually.  My (Stef’s) parents have graciously provided so we can fly home to the states for Micah’s school break coming up right after Thanksgiving.  So soon!!  We have a lot to take care of before then, but we’re trusting this will be a time for us to reflect on God’s goodness and faithfulness and just rest before we jump into our interim ministry.  School begins in February in Brazil, so we’ll be heading that way sometime in January. 

How can you be praying for us? 

Pray that we do not listen to the enemy’s voice and linger in our disappointment.  God is not surprised and He has not forsaken us.

Pray that our marriage and family will get stronger as a result of this unexpected trial.

Pray for the logistics of 2 big trips and for God’s financial provision.  Pray for our car to sell.  He has already provided for our trip the states and half of our trip to Brazil! Pray that we won’t loose monthly support during this interim ministry.  Pray for our support team to increase so we can be at 100%.

Pray for those we’re leaving yet again.  Pray this will not be a discouragement to believers here nor to the B people who were waiting for us to move back in.  Pray that God will use whatever He sees fit to get the Gospel to the B people.

Pray that we will be present in the ministry He places us in even when our hearts are geographically divided.

Pray for our kids who will be attending school in Brazil in Portuguese.  Pray they learn/improve in language quickly and make friends. 

I could go on and on, but these are the big prayer requests.  I’ll stop here for now.  It’s hard not to get emotional talking about these things.  God knows our hearts.  He planted the desire to reach the B people within us and He knows best how to reach that goal.  We want to be faithful to His calling wherever He leads.  We are humbled to have you walking this journey with us!  May He receive all the glory for every mountain, every valley, and every bend in this road we’re on! 

In His Faithful Grip,

Stef. for the Diases