Kids Korner





We often find ourselves at a loss for words when we think about our little JoJo.  If I stop and think of her life before she entered this world, there were many foreshadowing moments…

From the time we found out I was pregnant (SURPRISE!) to the ultrasound where we discovered her gender (WOW!)…from the incessant gut kicks (OUCH!) to the midwives remarking at how difficult it was to monitor her because she never stopped moving (UGH!)…from her decision to arrive two and a half weeks early (THANK GOD!)…to her rocket-like entrance into the midwife’s arms (WHEW!).

All of these early signs were small glimpses into the life of this little fireball we’ve come to know as Joanna Elizabeth.  I can still hear my Grandma’s voice reminding me, “She’s JUST LIKE YOU when you were little!”  Poor Grandma.  What did I do that woman as a toddler?!  When I’m chasing after JoJo yet again, I often picture her running after me.  Did I give her that mischievous grin when I was told “NO!”?  Surely I wasn’t as independent and stubborn as JoJo! (wink).  What a handful I must have been.  What a saint my Grandma was…and still is!


Sometimes I feel overwhelmed when I look at my kiddos and see their strengths and weaknesses.  So much potential.  So many temptations out there.  So many possibilities.  So little time under our roof.  My mind can easily wander.  Sheep. Wolves. SHEPHERD!

Where would any of us be without our SHEPHERD?  That’s what I cling to.  He’s all we need.  Grassy meadows or desert.  Rain or drought.  Scenery may change but our Shepherd’s character remains unwavering.  He will continue to mold His children regardless of the terrain they’ve crossed and how the trek has scarred them.  He will continue to protect them from the enemy that seeks to devour their potential, drawing them away from the still waters down another path.  As parents we can’t shelter our kids from the heartache that often comes from living in a fallen world or from that which is sometimes brought on by their own sin nature.

We can, however, consistently place them in the lap of the One who can restore their souls, teaching them that only in our Shepherd can we truly say, “I lack nothing.”

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