Vision Projects

Water for Our Village

This is our home.  Even though we only spent 8 days there in the house we just built…it’s our home.  It’s our final destination.  That’s starting to sink in.  As we wrap our heads around this idea, we are becoming more aware of the needs of our neighbors.  The NEED water.  There are currently only 3 wells in our village and only 1 has water year round.  They NEED a consistent source of CLEAN water.  What can we do?  


As many of you already know, we have been raising funds for a deep artesian well.   Our goal is to have a reservoir tank that will feed several faucets strategically placed around the village.  This will cut down on the water-toting of the women and children.  We’re estimating that this project will cost at least $15,000.  So far we’ve raised almost $11,000!! (Thank you to all who have fundraised and/or given from your wallet!)  We still have time to gather the funds because we want to get the language under our belts before starting this project to avoid any miscommunication.  We’re PRAYING God will use this project to build relationships and to open the doors for the Gospel message.  

Will YOU PRAY about how God would have you get involved in bringing water to our new home?  Would you rally your church, Sunday school, Bible study group, etc. to fundraise for this cause?  Your partnership is vital to the success of this endeavor.  A clean water source is just the short term goal with the long term objective of bringing them the LIVING WATER!


Long Term Vision Project

We are a not an ONG.  We do not feel called to social missions.  Our focus is planting a mature church among the Bolon people.  The means by which this goal is accomplished, however, can take various directions.  At this point we are planning on translating God’s word into the Bolon language in order to facilitate a self sustaining church with literate believers.

At some point in our ministry among the Bolon, we hope to build a development center. Our long term dream would be to see a preschool/elementary school built as well.  Not all Bolon have access to schools.  Many have to bike up to 5  miles one way to attend elementary school.  Middle school or high school?  Out of the question!

Our dream is to build a multipurpose development center which will give children of all ages access to learning, especially young children who may never get a chance to go to school. We envision holding literacy classes, church youth group meetings, movie nights, etc.  We also would like to build a multipurpose court for awana games (Africanized), sporting events/camps, and social gatherings.

Other long term goals include providing potable water by digging wells and improving the road conditions in and around our village…but we’ll expand on that “down the road”.

We’ll keep you informed of how you can give financially as we get closer to starting some of these projects .  In the meantime, keep praying for all the groundwork that has to be laid in order to make these dreams become reality.

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